Filmex Consulting Agency has partners in countries such as China, Bangladesh, Dubai, Australia, India, Philippines and Africa. A niche in those countries simply means Filmex Immigration has access to a major resource of immigrants coming into Canada; one of them is listed in the top three visible minorities according to Statistics Canada.

“The flag of honesty, integrity, and excellence staked on immigration.“ is the guiding principle by which Filmex Immigration Consulting Agency operates ever since it was founded in 2009 by ICCRC and CAPIC member Elvira Gangte and continues to offer exceptional Immigration Services to this day.

Mrs. Elvira Gangte is the principal professional Immigration Consultant for Filmex Immigration. She is a regulated member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), R410135, a regulatory body for authorized, qualified, and recognized Immigration Consultants. They regulate the registered Immigration Consultants of Canada, ensuring they conduct their professional business within the legal boundaries of Canadian law. In essence they protect the consumers from unscrupulous Immigration Consultants.

She is also a member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) R14179. What ICCRC is for clients /applicants, CAPIC is for Immigration Consultants. CAPIC updates members on changing immigration policies, regulations and laws by Immigration Canada.

Mrs. Gangte attributes her excellent work ethic and convictions to her strong faith, husband, and her four children.


    • Federal Skilled Worker
    • Federal Skilled Trade
    • LMIA
    • PNP
    • Citizenship
    • Supervisa
    • Parents Sponsorship
    • Grandparents Sponsorship
    • Spousal Sponsorship
    • Work Permit
    • Work Permit Extension
    • Study Permit
    • Visitor Visa
    • Temporary Residence Visa
    • Application Review